Animal Products & Pet Supplies

We love our pets and are proud to stock a wide range of pet products to help you look after your much loved family members. We also stock guinea pigs, birds, fish and chooks for those looking to extend their family!


  • Prime/Grassy/Barley Hay
  • Lucerne/Oaten/Wheaten & Combo Chaff
  • Hygain Feed Range
  • Popular stock feeds from Prydes, Riverina, Mi-Feed, Mitavite & More
  • Full range of supplements
  • Grooming products
  • Feed and storage bins
  • Molasses
  • Thunderbird Electric Fencing supplies


  • Premium Dog Food Black Hawk Range
  • Bulk dog foods, Bonnie, Coprice, Cobber, Uncle Albers, Great Barko & Dog Pro
  • Fresh and frozen food
  • Treats & toys
  • Flea tick & worm control including Bravecto, Nexgard, Comfortis, Advocate plus more
  • Collars, leads & bowls
  • Grooming products – Fido’s, Pure Pets, Aristopet and Neempet

Dog Grooming
Professional dog groomer on site! 9 year’s experience, specialising in all breeds.


  • Black Hawk Premium Cat Food
  • Coprice & Cat Pro Bulk Cat Food
  • Litter/Trays & Scoops
  • Collars & Bowls
  • Worming & Flea Treatments
  • Scratch Posts & more

Small Animal

guinea pig
  • Our own special guinea pig mix, plus Laucke Mills and Riverina Mix
  • Cages, hutches, drink bottles and accessories
  • Wood shavings & straw
  • Male & Female guinea pigs

Bird and Poultry

  • Feeds & Seeds from Riverina, Mi-Feed, Country Heritage Seeds, Laucke Mills, QPD, Allora & more
  • Point of lay chooks
  • Feeders & waterers
  • Locally made chicken runs and layer boxes
  • Hand raised & aviary birds including Lorikeets, Cockatiels, Budgies, Finches and more
  • Bird cages & cage accessories


  • Fish bowls, tanks & accessories
  • Goldfish, Tropical & Fighter Food
  • Siamese fighter fish